Email Course: Starting a Business Without Getting Fired (yes, it can be done) by Aaron Aiken

Email Course: Starting a Business Without Getting Fired (yes, it can be done)

Learn how to start a business without getting fired.


This course is focused on one thing: teaching you exactly how to start a business without getting fired from your current day job. Your day job is a critical piece of the puzzle right now. It is covering your living expenses. Which is a pretty big freaking deal. Lose that and you have to spend time finding a new job. Let's not do that. Let's keep the job, keep excelling at the job, and start a business on the side. This is a win win situation. Your current employer keeps getting from you what they expect, you continue to get paid, and you can start to build a business on the that you will eventually transition to full-time. This course will teach you how to keep the day job, keep getting paid, while starting a business on the side.

What you will get:

  • 1 welcome email with 1 course workbook
  • 10 course emails
  • 1 wrap up email

What's included?


Transforming dreamers into doers.

Hi there, I'm Aaron, and I care too much about my life, the life of my family, and YOUR life, to let it go to waste sitting behind a desk building someone else's business spending more time with strangers in an office building than with my family. 

I'm annoyingly and obsessively working to change my current life into my ideal life, and now I'm teaching along the way. I've been chasing the dream of working where I want, when I want, traveling while I do, and spending so much time with my family that they get tired of me, for over ten years. 

I have experience owning a business or two, destroying them with stupid decisions, and experimenting the heck out of having an online business.

Allow my obsession to become your asset. Learn from me and save yourself ten years and thousands of dollars.

Let's go!


Why does this email course cost more than the other email courses?

Fair question. All of my products and courses are priced on value. The value to you and the value to your life. I place the value (from an actual dollar perspective) of this email course, and the content I provide to you through it, higher than the other email courses because this one will help you keep your current income while creating extra income on the side. The other email courses are pro-tips for life that will help you get more out of life. This email course will do that, and keep the dollars rolling in, so that you can get more dollars rolling in. The value to you? Very High.